3 Signs You Are Ready for a Makeup Lesson

Wanpen had to go to hers son’s graduation. It was an important event and she knew that she has to wear makeup for this day, to look more elegant and to look her very best. As the event was early in the morning and also in a different city, she had to weak up too early to use a makeup artist, this is when she decided to do some makeup lessons. She checked different possibilities and she chose to come to me. I am really happy for that, because during this time together, we had a lot of interesting discussions and she is a lovely and a fascinating woman. Obviously, it was also fun to teach her new things and actually I learned some new things from her, too! I believe that you always have to hav

Norwich Top 1 Hen-Do Party Idea

Are you the Maid of Honour, who has the honour of planning a Hens Do Party? Maybe you are stuck because all the ideas you have in mind aren’t quite as perfect or are too expensive? You can smile now and be happy, because I will give you a fun idea for your Hens Party that is not too expensive and can be done either at your chosen place or even in the park! This Bride-To-Be is getting married in August and her Maid of Honour was very creative and thought of different activities throughout the day to make this day as special as possible. And I think if you have a special friend who is getting married, you have to do your very best to make her feel loved and appreciated, right? What is the Norw

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