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My name is Eva and I have recently moved to Norwich, Norfolk, UK. I am a professional makeup artist and I am a manicure, pedicure specialist, as well.

I specialize in photo shoot, themed, bridal, evening, everyday, theater, children makeup. If you are interested, I can help you with style, posing tips in front of the camera and do your hair. It is all about making you prettier! I use high quality makeup and will love to give you some great tips!

I will also do a nice manicure with regular or gel polish - gel polish will last for two weeks!

The best part is - I am mobile, stay at home and I will come to you, but you can always come to me, as well! I know that everyone is so busy, this is why I like to be there for you also after working hours!

You are more then welcome to just follow my beauty blog, where I will share all the great things, that just makes us more beautiful!

Feel free to contact me, if you are interested in anything regarding beauty!

You can reach me: 07704300636, Norwich, Norfolk, UK


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