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How to Apply Eyeliner Correctly

Very often, when I apply someone’s makeup, I hear that so many women are struggling with applying eyeliner. This is why today I decided to make a little tutorial with tricks on how to apply eyeliner:


  • When applying eyeliner, always keep your mirror under your nose area; this way you will look down naturally and it will allow you to see eyelids better, when applying liner.

  • Try to get as close to lash line, as possible.

  • Always (!) start drawing eyeliner from just above your iris (A)

  • Draw with short and feathery strokes outwards (towards B)

  • Extend the line just past the outer corner of your eye straight or even better – slightly upward.

  • Extend your line the same manner toward the inner side of your eye (towards C)

  • The line should be thicker from the outer corner (B to A) to thinner in the inner part (from A to C)

  • Very important – the line should be perfect, fill in all gaps with short strokes or dots

  • Remember – Practice Makes Perfect, the more often you will repeat it, the better you will get!

  • If you want to learn this in person or give this great opportunity as a gift to someone, contact me for a private lesson (I am based in Norwich, Norfolk, UK) and I will teach you how to do that!

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