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Top 3 Christmas Gifts, that Will Make You Look Stunning!

Just 3 days left before Christmas and just 10 days until New Year, it is time to get pretty for all the celebrations ahead of you! This is why, I wanted to share top 3 makeup products, will make you look little different than every day. Are you ready?

1. Get glitter eyeliner! You can use it in different ways – put it just on top of your black eyeliner, right next to the black eyeliner, use just the glitter eyeliner or if you are confident enough use it under your lower lash line!


2. Get a red lipstick! Don’t be afraid to use this strong color, this is the best time of year for using it!


3. To make you look good all night long, get a makeup setting spray. It is a great product, to use after you have finished applying your makeup. It will set your makeup for longer and you will feel and look good throughout the party!

Now you are ready to celebrate!

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