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Easy Everyday Eye Makeup Tutorial

Today I want to share with you my everyday bronze eye makeup. It has just six easy steps:


Step by step:

1. Apply primer to the lid, for the eyeshadows to stay all day

2. Press on bronze eyeshadows all aver the lid

3. Get a light brown matte eyeshadow and blend it around the crease area

4. Get a darker brown matte eyeshadow and with a pencil brush define the crease (go right between first and second eyeshadow). Add some of this eyeshadow in the corner of your eye, as well

5. Apply primer under your eye. With first bronze eyeshadow go all across the lower lash line. Then in the outer corner of the eye, apply the darkest eyeshadow. This is when the top and bottom eyeshadows will meet

6. High light your brow bone area using light matte eye shadow. Apply mascara

I agree this is quite dark eye makeup, but if you have hooded eyes like me, don’t be afraid to use darker colors for your makeup. If you don’t have hooded eyes, you can do the same makeup routine, just using lighter colors!

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