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What is Gel Polish or Gelish?

Hello readers,

Most of you probably know that I am not only a professional Makeup artist, but a professional Nail Technician, as well. Yes, I do pretty gelish or gel polish manicures, but then I thought about it more and realized that maybe not everyone knows, what exactly that means? So this post is all about the awesomeness of gel polish! Because I only choose the best!

Gel polish is a nail polish created by different companies, that are made to last longer. Gelish actually is a brand name, that comes from company Harmony Gelish, but it has become really popular now. There are many different brands that have Gel Polishes, like CND Shellac, OPI, Sally Hansen, Kinetics etc.

Best things about Gel polish:

  • It’s created to last for 2 – 3 weeks without chipping!

  • It actually protects your nails from breakage. Most of us never see our nails being so long!

  • It has a pretty shine (or matte effect) for the whole period, so they always look like new!

  • It doesn’t harm your natural nail!

  • You don’t have to wait for a long time to dry your nails not being able to do anything, because it will be cured in the lamp!

  • This nail polish is actually great if you have a toddler to look after. The edges of your natural nail are much sharper than the nails with gel polish, so there is less chance to harm your baby!

  • You can have different and cute designs on your nails!

Not recommended actions:

If you want your gel polish last for the maximum period, there are some things you have to understand, they all weaken and can break your nails:

  • Do not bite your nails!

  • Do not use your nails as tools!

  • Do not expose nails to household cleansers or harsh chemicals!

If you have never tried it yet, you should, so contact me now! I have a great deal for new customers at the moment, which is £5 off your First Manicure!

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