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TOP 10 Craziest Nails Ever Made!

Anything is possible and these nails totally prove that! Here is my TOP 10 of most crazy and unusual nail designs:

#10 Creative way of capturing the moment when frog catches a fly on nails!

#9 Ahoy! Interesting pirate themed nails!

#8 Fantastic fantasy plant nails!

#7 Seems like a lot of hours spent to create these amazing safari nails!

#6 Wow! These are definitely unexpected bloody Zombie nails!

#5 I just love these unique hairdresser themed nails, they look so realistic!

#4 I love traveling. No wonder these nails are number 4 on my list! Las Vegas is absolutely amazing place and to have it on your nails - awesome! Well...maybe not for everyday use ;)

#3 I think this is something your kids would love - allowing them to play with your Lego nails! You could be the world's best mom with them :D!

#2 Another piece of art. Just see it for yourself!

Are you ready for TOP 1? Drumroll please....

#1 I absolutely adore these elegant and interesting nails! Fantastic!

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