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TOP 10 Best Lip Makeup

Often I stumble upon some crazy, yet awesome lip makeup across the internet, when searching for new inspiration ideas. This is when I thought to share with you my Top 10 of the Best Lip makeup.

#10 Delicious Strawberry Lips

Ok, maybe it is not a lot of makeup used here, but I thought it has to be in this TOP for the creativity and the delicious effect achieved.

#9 Funny Crab Lips

These are easy to recreate and really funny lips to play around with while just talking. You could probably cheer up almost anyone with them!

#8 Juicy Lemon Lips

I love these lips; they just remind you – if life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

#7 Golden Shark Teeth

This is quite high level, as well. I like the 3D effect of the teeth!

#6 Crazy Lips

A lot of stitching going on here!

#5 Spider Web Lips

Classic, yet well mastered Halloween Lip design, that has it all - spider, spider web and good colors for the lips to stand out.

#4 Cherry, Cherry Lady

Cherry Blossoms that remind us of the nice weather spring bring us! Creative and very tasteful!

#3 Funny Cow Lips

#2 Monster Lips

Both #3 and #2 Lips are funny and creative and crazy enough to be on the top of the TOP! Well done!

#1 Spider Lips

This is definitely my number 1, because they look so real. If I would see someone with these lips on the street, I would probably try to tell them they have a spider on their face :)!

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