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What Happens to Your Doll When You Don’t Need it Anymore?

Broken Doll Photo Shoot

When girls are small, we just love our beautiful and perfect dolls with nice hair, big eyes, and cute dresses. We take care of them as we can – we dress them up, we comb their hair, we wash them, feed them, talk to them, take them with us wherever we go. Some of them are our best friends.

One day when we grow up, we suddenly come to a realization that our old time friends, have been sitting on a shelf for quite a time now. All they have been doing - collecting dust. This is the time when you bring your doll to the attic and just leave them there….

Few years later, they kind of still look good, but they are a little broken here and there. They might come back and haunt you….

She is coming for you...

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