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Why using foundation is great?!

Why do YOU use foundation? Or the question should be – DO you use foundation? Or maybe even - do you know the real reason, why using foundation is so important?

I have heard different opinions on why women use foundation. For example, to look darker, to hide red spots or pimples, just to look better. To look darker, you will need to use tanning cream or lotion. To hide red spots or pimples, you need to use concealer. Too look better – this is something I agree with, because when you use foundation, you look better and it boosts your confidence up.

Here are best reasons why you SHOULD wear foundation every day:

  • The mission of foundation is to even out your skin tone!

  • If you have a foundation with SPF, it will protect your face skin from the sun, so it works like sun screen!

  • Speaking of environmental impacts, foundation works as a barrier against pollution and toxins!

  • If you choose to use foundation as part of your every day routine, choose one with moisturizing or anti ageing ingredients!

  • Last but not least, foundation acts as a great base for the rest of the makeup, so if you don’t want to have your makeup too heavy every day, skip the primer part and use just foundation.

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