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10 Reasons Why I Love Makeup

A lot of people say that makeup is bad, because it covers your natural beauty. I think that makeup actually helps you in a lot of ways and after all, if you see a beautiful girl or a woman, most likely she is having makeup on. Best example - look at all the celebrities! We look at them and think: “How lucky are they – they have everything, talent (singing, dancing, acting etc.) plus they have a perfect body and they are so beautiful!” Actually, they work hard on their bodies, because they have to be role models. They spend a lot of time each day with their hair stylist and they look their very best only with full makeup on. So don’t be ashamed to wear makeup and be actually proud of it. Here are my 10 reasons why I love wearing makeup:

  • It boosts up my confidence

  • I can change my look everyday

  • I can match eye shadows to my outfit

  • It evens out my skin tone

  • It makes me happy!

  • It protects my skin from environmental impacts

  • It can hide things I don’t want to show to the world

  • I don’t look shiny on photos

  • My eyes look bigger

  • It shows that I care about my appearance, when wearing makeup

Why do you love makeup?

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