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The Queen of Hearts Makeup Look

When you are getting ready for a themed party, like Poker Birthday Party or Alice in the Wonderland Hens/ Bachelorette party or maybe Halloween or Costume party, this is your chance to stand out of the crowd and impress your friends with an impressive makeup look.

I chose two main colors, red and black, as they are the colors of the playing cards.

Eyes – Dark grey smoky eyes with full lower and upper lashes, made them really stand out

Lips - The red lips added a nice color accent

Cheeks and Face – I used red blusher, but this time I didn’t want to go over the board, because I had a lot of different accents on my models face, already

Hair – My model wore a black wig with an impressive head piece, so everyone would notice her, when she enters the room, although with her natural hair, she looked great, as well.

Are you ready for a great party?

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