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Sugar or Candy Skull Makeup (aka Calavera)

Hello, my name is Cala Vera. I have a Latino background and at the moment I live in UK.

I am into fashion and bright colors. I love glitter and I love to stand out of the crowd. Every day I try to look different, so neither me nor my friends wouldn’t be bored, when they see me, this is my way of creating a suspense and changing every day routine into fun adventure!

My favorite day of the year is Halloween; this is when we all can celebrate Dia de los Muertos or the Day of the Dead. Here I have to explain myself a little bit – most cultures tend to mourn the dead on days like this, but Mexican families celebrate the lives of their dearly departed friends and family. This is when we love to decorate sugar or clay skulls with beads, feathers, flowers and other beautiful elements. I always take part in all the activities related to this day, because this is, when I can use my creativity and imagination!

Each time when you go out for a party, whether it is Halloween or just a costume party, create your own little character, think of all the details and act throughout the night within this character! This is a fun way to change your everyday routine into something fun and new! With creative makeup, wigs, nice outfits you can achieve the desired look! Go for it! Don’t be lazy, don't be passive - enjoy every day!

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