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Express Makeup or Makeup in a rush

You probably can imagine, what happens, when you have to leave your house at 8.30 and you have set your alarm for 7.15, but then, oh, the snooze button, we just love it…. We thank the person who thought of it! Finally you wake up at 8.00 and you realize you do not have enough time to do all your regular morning routine. This is when you choose your priorities! So today I want to tell you about the things in makeup you just can’t skip if you still want to look like a person.

Basically, it comes down to 3 major steps:

  1. Foundation! Yes, this is the most important step of your makeup, because foundation will even out your skin tone and eve this step alone, will make the biggest difference!

  1. Mascara! Mascara is your best friend for your eyes, it will open them up instantly and if applying eyeshadows takes a lot of your time, then mascara on the other hand, doesn’t take that much time.

  1. Blush! Because your skin tone is all even now, you still need to give your face some color and the quickest and best solution is blush! Especially, if you are running late and your cheeks will look nice and natural (with some color on them), everyone will believe you, when you say, that you where rushing!

  1. This step will take a bit more time and it really depends on each person and if you still have time – Fill in your eyebrows. Easiest way to fill in your eyebrows is to just use eyeshadow that is the same color as your eyebrows and with an angled brush define your eyebrows.

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