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Is it a boy or a girl – reveal it with your Nail art!

Imagine your friend who has told you a while ago, she is pregnant, finally calls you and invites you to a party, where the gender of her baby will be revealed. This is truly a special moment for everyone. You are so happy and excited while waiting for the party.

Finally the day of the party has arrived. You are prepared to see all the decorations either blue or pink, right?! Instead you open the door and everything is white… Oh, no! The hosts are very friendly, but they seem not to tell anything about the gender of the baby! The party goes on, some brave people finally ask – so who is it – a boy or a girl? The hosts just smile… Everybody now is waiting for something big. Finally the cake arrives but still no hints. This is weird….

When you are almost getting annoyed that you don’t know the gender yet, you pull your friend aside and want to finally found out. When suddenly you see her beautiful nails, she has done this really beautiful manicure with baby gender revealing nail art!

Now, you and all other guests, who have been paying attention to details, know – it’s a boy!

With tears in your eyes, you are just happy!

Did you like this idea? Well, this is a fun way to tell everybody the sex of your baby – with a professional manicure and beautiful blue or pink nail art!

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