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5 Most Important Makeup Tips for Maternity Photo Shoot

This beautiful woman came to me in her most wonderful time of life – first pregnancy. I was so happy for her especially because it was her first child!

I was also happy that she had decided to do a professional photo shoot (photographer: with her nice bump, because so many moms don’t want any photos taken during pregnancy.

Actually, there was a survey done in UK, where they asked young mothers, what they regretted of the time while being pregnant. The top answer was – not having enough photos made with bump.

If you have decided to do this, here is the most important tip for your makeup:

  1. Hire a professional makeup artist – it is worth it, because they will bring out your beauty and it is stress free!

If you still want to apply your own makeup, here are the most important makeup tips for a maternity photo shoot:

  1. Try to avoid all kind of shimmer – shimmery eye shadows, powders, bronzers etc

  2. Use powder – your best choice is translucent mattifying powder or mattifying loose powder, because you want to get rid of all that shine on your face

  3. Get some blotting paper – use them during the photo shoot for your T zone. Most people get some shine on T zone during a photo shoot, but if you are pregnant it will be there for sure!

  4. If you use lip gloss – apply it only on the very center of your lips over a lipstick. This will make your lips look fuller

  5. Last but not least – use some kind of fake eyelashes. This is the time when you want your eyes to stand out from further away, because during bump photo shoot the shots are taken from distance.

If you are a mother to be, capture this magical time of your life with beautiful photos and beautiful makeup!

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