Great Tip to a Better Skin

My cousin inspired me to write this blog post, because she was doing a campaign in a local restaurant – offering gluten free pancakes and introducing people to life without gluten. This is when I decided, that I know a great tip about gluten free diet, too, that will help you be more beautiful! If your skin is not the best and you would want to improve it, try to go gluten free for two to four weeks and see the results. Some people are just a little bit gluten intolerant, so they might not even know it, but gluten would still affect them. Main products containing gluten are: bread, pizza, cakes, burgers, pasta, cereal, biscuits Replace them with gluten free products or avoid them!

How to do 20’s makeup

Before I give you main tips for the 20’s makeup, I want you to travel back in time together with me…. It is just after the very First World War ended, everyone is free again after a long and dark period. It is kind of chaotic, but at the same time the feeling is good. After a long period with no fun, people are ready to party again. Not a lot of men around, for the women to show their beauty, but the woman in all times have wanted to make themselves more beautiful. This is the reason why women are still doing their makeup, but more so, to show it off to other women. Finally all the innovative products like mascara, lipstick and eyeshadows from the 1910’s become more popular. This is the time

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