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Halloween Makeup Looks and Ideas

Halloween is not that far away and the shops are full with Halloween decorations and costumes.

If you want something new this year, go for a Halloween Makeup! Yes, costume is still important, but you can really stand out in the crowd with your full face Makeup.

Here are some ideas to think about:

1. One of the most popular ones are - Sugar Skull makeup, they are really cool, because you can allow your fantasy to flow as no two Sugar Skulls are the same. If you want to know more about them, read this post.

2. Another very popular makeup look is something very Bloody. Yes, this one day of the year when it is kind of cool to look scary!

3. One of my personal favorites of all times was this Broken Doll Makeup look! See the whole photo shoot here.

4. Spider theme is also very popular for Halloween, as so many people are just terrified of them!

5. Choose a character from a scary movie like this Joker from Suicide Squad

6. If you are after something not so traditional, go ahead and dress up as whatever you like, because it is not just about being scary, but about being someone else!

Be a Geisha:

Or a Girl from the 80's or any other decade:

Or be the Queen of Hearts, see the photo shoot here

Or just turn old for the day. It is such a nice feeling when you take this makeup off, if only you could do that when you are actually old!

Whatever you decide to be, remember to have lots of fun. Contact me to book an appointment, as Halloween is the busiest time of the year, so don;t miss your chance!

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