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5 Tips for your Stunning Wedding Nails

When your wedding day is coming, you have to make sure you think about all the details. Here is one very important reminder – have your nails stunning for the important day!

Some reasons why:

  1. It will boost up your confidence, especially when the ring will be put on

  2. Your hands will be photographed on this day a lot, because you will have a new ring

  3. Your nails will be seen by most of your guests, when dancing, eating, congratulating you

If you agree with me, that you need stunningly looking nails for your wedding day, here are some suggestions and ideas for design choices:

  1. Classic French manicure – the name says it all - it’s classic. It will look good now and 30 years from now, when you look back to your photos

  1. Go for light colors – white or light pink, peach, yellow, blue or whatever goes with your color theme really

  1. Add some gold or silver to your white or light nail color – it will look great together with your new ring!

  1. Have a pretty floral print – everyone loves flowers, because they give positive energy and they are so beautiful!

  1. Have some cute love hearts – this day is all about love. Even if you think that it is too much of a cliche, this IS the day, when you can do it! I would still recommend having your nails white or light colors

I hope you found these tips helpful and if you happen to have your wedding in Norwich, UK, do not hesitate to contact me for your stunning wedding nails!

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