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6 Destinations Around the World that will Naturally Improve your Beauty

Most of us when we travel, we don’t really think about improving our beauty. Actually sometimes it is just the opposite, like going for a fast food dinner, what you wouldn’t do normally, or staying up late, just to see more of the place you are visiting, (like who needs sleep in Las Vegas, right?!) or drinking alcohol all day long (well, it is all inclusive, so I have to drink as much as I can) and many more things we “treat” ourselves with.

This is why I wanted to look back on some places where I have been around the world, where you can actually do something that is benefiting and improving your health! This is my Top 6:

6. Formentera, Spain – drinking real coconut juice

Sitting on a perfect beach with white sand, crystal clear water and someone brings you a fresh coconut, opens it up for you and all you have to do is re-hydrate yourself with the healthy coconut water. Yes, it is as perfect as it sounds! Coconut water is known as a good Electrolyte Replacement, it is cleansing/ detoxing your body, contains different vitamins, lowers your blood pressure, takes away stress and many more things.

This is me with my son enjoying everything I mentioned above:

Drinking fresh coconut juice on beach in Formantera, Spain

5. Mana island, Fiji – sun tanning

So many people think that sun is dangerous and bad for us, but I have read quite a few papers, where different research has been done on this topic and they all say that sunlight is vital for humans. It is the best and basically the only way how to get vitamin D. I know, I know – what about the vitamin D supplements you can buy in many stores? Well, the latest research results say that human body only absorbs the vitamin D that comes from the sun. All the supplements are artificial and therefore can never substitute the real sun!

Catching the sun in Mana island, Fiji

4. Vancouver, Canada – hiking Grouse Mountain

I have to tell you I am not the biggest fan of hiking. But once I do go hiking I am quite happy at the end. More for the memories and the views I see, but also because hiking is good for your health and keeps you fit! What else can be better for your beauty than being fit?! Here you can see me and my friend at the top of Grouse Mountain:

Hiking Grouse Mountain, Vancouver, Canada

Winter option for this would be snowshoeing. This is a really fun activity to try if you have never done it. The snow shoes are really cool, because you can get with them on any slippery place.

Snowshoeing in Vancouver, Canada

Obviously it keeps you fit, but again you can see amazing scenery and even some things that do not exist in any other season, like an igloo or icicles!

Icicles in North Vancouver, Canada

3. Phuket, Thailand - dipping feet in Garra rufa fish tank

When I went to Thailand, this was several years ago, now; this fish spa therapy was quite a new thing and was advertised as very healthy. I had never done it, but when I saw it in Thailand, I knew I have to try it. Now all you hear about it, that it’s quite dangerous, because if someone has been with sick feet before you, the fish can transfer you the illness. I still kept it in my Top 3, because the process is very funny,too and you just laugh like tickled for the first 5 minutes. As we all know, laughter is very healthy and is often called as sweetest medicine for your body and soul.

Even now when I think about it I still have a big smile on my face!

Fish pedicure in Phuket, Thailand

2. Laugarvatn, Iceland – soaking in natural hot springs and steam rooms

This is just a relaxing place in general, which will definitely improve your health and beauty! Sitting in a steam room and then going into cold lake is a perfect treatment for your skin; the heat opens up your pores and releases everything that is bad in there, where the cold water close the pores up again. And of course everyone knows, how good are soaks in natural hot springs, they are detoxifying, treat skin infections, reduce stress, boost your immune system and more.

Natural hot springs in Iceland

1. Rotorua, New Zealand – bathing in mud pools

Yes, definitely this is my Top 1 place for a natural beauty treatment! I was privileged to be here. Yes, I chose the word privileged, because many of us just dream to go to New Zealand itself and then there are so many amazing things to do, but this is definitely a must do in North island of New Zealand! Mud spas have a long history of therapeutic use, and people travel to Rotorua every year to ease their aches, pains and fatigues. Here is a photo of me and my husband having a dip in private mud pool:

Hells gate private mud pool, Rotorua, New Zealand

And here is a little video of us there:

If you know any other good place, where you can actually improve your beauty and health while travelling, let me know in the comments below. It might be an inspiration for my next holiday!

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