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Beautiful St. Valentine’s Day Nails Everyone Will Love!

With the beginning of February you can feel LOVE in the air. Mostly because all window shops are covered in red and pink colors, with lots of love hearts, but also because it is time for you to think about your special people in life, how you can show them you love them, how you can make them feel special.

However, this could be also the time, when you show some love to yourself! Yes, go and get yourself a nice manicure and here are some beautiful St. Valentine’s Day nail art and color ideas:

Nothing will say LOVE more than lots of cute love hearts:

Except the actual word 'Love':

Or just go with lots of kisses:

Or be brave and show the world who your true love is:

I hope I put a smile on your face and gave you some nail art ideas for your St. Valentines Day manicure!

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