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7 Tips that will Improve your Bump Photo Shoot

Some may not agree with me, but I think if you are pregnant for the first, second or the seventh time it is still something precious and for sure an event that should be recorded in nice memories aka photos.

I have heard so many moms who didn't take any photos of them being pregnant just because the body has changed a lot and you don't feel your prettiest self. But believe me, almost all of these moms later regret it and they wish they would have some photos of their pregnancy.

As this is my second time being pregnant I am a little bit smarter than the first time, so decided to share 7 tips for a bump photo shoot:

1. Don't leave it for the last month. As soon as your bump is quite visible, do the photo shoot. Most likely you will not like to see yourself too much in the last months of pregnancy, try to do it as soon as possible

2. Makeup - I obviously recommend doing your makeup by a professional, just because you never know what photos and how will they be taken. Most likely you will have some black and white or flash photography photos, where it is important to have the right makeup. If you get it done professionally, you will get the best results!

3. Hair is very important, too! Imagine yourself having a full glamorous makeup in a bathrobe. It just doesn't look right! Same with having makeup, but leaving your hair as is. I am not saying 100% and maybe you are going for this look, but I would still recommend having your hair styled. If not possible, at least use hair straightener or curler, to make the hair look taken care of.

4. Have different outfits. Think of 2-3 different outfits, you can even color match them with your husband (and other children).

5. Think of some props to use during the photo shoot. This will allow you to pose more natural as you will not be too stiff. The photos will also be more interesting and original.

6. Don't rely only on your photographer. He/She will help you with some ideas, but it is also good to know something you want before you go. They could be your own ideas, they could be something you have seen online, but do not leave it all in the hands of the photographer, they can't always guess what is that YOU really want. I, for example, really wanted to have my bump together with some flowers. I love how it turned out!

7. Nails are important too! I can promise you there will be photos, where they will be visible. A classic French manicure will always go with everything. If you are not planning to change during the photo shoot, you could match them to your outfit. Don't ignore your toenails if they could be visible!

I hope the tips will help you and inspire you to do a bump photo shoot! It is indeed an event you want to capture forever!

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