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Cute Nails for Summer 2018

It is only beginning of May, but the weather is so nice and hot at the moment, that it made me think of summer nails.

Summer is the time for all kinds of different ideas and experimenting with colours and design, not only because most of us have holidays, but also because it is the time when you feel more cheerful and happy because of the sun!

Here are some great examples you could take as inspiration for your nails this summer.

1. Green! Yes, it's the best time of year for green colour, just because everything is green at this time of the year

2. Look and listen around! Lots of birds singing and some nice butterflies or other little bugs that could serve as another great inspiration idea.

3. The beach! Finally, we can go and get some tan or just be/ play around on some nice beach. I especially love the ones with crystal clear water or nice sand.

4. The brighter, the better! Go as bright as you like, leave the dark colours for the darker months of the year, this is time to enjoy the brights!

5. Summer food... This might seem like a weird inspiration at first, but when you think about it what can be better than a slice of juicy watermelon or a cold ice-cream. These are just some examples but you could be inspired by anything that is cold and refreshing:

6. Flowers! No summer nail ideas would be complete without flower theme! Obviously, there are so many of them, what a great inspiration!

7. Being happy! Think of things or events that make you most happy and try to transfer that on to your nails, great results guaranteed!

Did anything inspire you? What will you have on your nails this summer?

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