5 Most Important Makeup Tips for Maternity Photo Shoot

This beautiful woman came to me in her most wonderful time of life – first pregnancy. I was so happy for her especially because it was her first child! I was also happy that she had decided to do a professional photo shoot (photographer: https://www.facebook.com/thingsarelikethis?fref=ts) with her nice bump, because so many moms don’t want any photos taken during pregnancy. Actually, there was a survey done in UK, where they asked young mothers, what they regretted of the time while being pregnant. The top answer was – not having enough photos made with bump. If you have decided to do this, here is the most important tip for your makeup: Hire a professional makeup artist – it is worth it, be

Cool Matte Nail Designs

If you are stuck with new ideas for your next manicure, why not to try something new - go for matte nail art design. Maybe it's not new for some, but I know that a lot of people who hesitate to try it out. Well I want to show you some ways how to have cool matte nail art designs. 1. If you are not into nail art itself, go for one color - beautiful matte brown nails 2. Add a little design to your matte nails, like this white cross on matte gray nails: Or white dot on dark red nails: 3. Choose your favorite stamping design and try it with your matte nails - beige nail polish with black flowers: 4. If you are still thinking if you should try matte nails, try to have one matte nail - matte black

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