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7 Stunning Nail Art Ideas for Your Holidays

You know how they say - it is very important to learn at least some words in the language of the country you are going to visit. Some people also believe that you have to find out about the country before you go, as much as possible. Some plan their trip to the very last detail so they can save the valuable travel time (holidays are always, too short, aren’t they?).

All of these actions will only show the locals that you have an actual interest in their country and they will want you to show more of some beautiful secret places, food, traditions only locals do because they know you are not the average tourist, but you are their friend.

This is why I think a beautiful themed Nail Art will just elevate your interest about the country so much higher and it could be a whole topic with someone. Here are some stunning examples of beautiful photo collages:


Japan - the Land of the Rising Sun. Yes, the symbol of the sun is even in the flag of Japan, so if you will have nail art with rising sun, you will never go wrong. Obviously, Japan is very versatile country and there are many more things you could do for your Japan inspired Nail Art, like some of their kanji characters or some cherry blossoms or their truly beautiful architecture!

Caribbean Islands

If you are going to the Caribbean Islands – you are so lucky! It is all about perfect beaches, weather, marine life, cocktails and just enjoying it all. A place to enjoy different culture, traditions, music, dances, and food. This is the place where you are far away from traffic, city noises, everyday rush and even social media


I love traveling because there are so many countries and so many different cultures to explore. Every time you go somewhere, you will expand your horizons. India is, yet another place, full of colors, unique patterns, and prints, where you can easily get an inspiration for a beautiful Nail Art.


Animals, beautiful nature and animal silhouettes in the sunset are the things that come to mind when you think of African countries. No wonder about that, as Kenya features many national parks and wildlife reserves, with safaris being a popular activity for visitors. When you go to Kenya all you have to do is choose your favorite animal or animal print and use it as an inspiration for your Nail Design!


This is my version of Aztec culture (Also known as Mexica culture) inspired nail art. It has some tribal vibe to it and also beautiful colors used together. I am sure locals would be really impressed with nails like these!


Well, yes, Hawaii in a way associates with white sand, clear water, and palm trees, but it is also very colorful place. Every day there is a rainbow in Hawaii, even their number plate has a rainbow on it. So if you are going to Hawaii for holidays, do not be afraid to use the brightest colors you have! I added some cute flowers… because there are flowers in Hawaii everywhere!


The most romantic country in the world! Especially everyone’s much loved Paris. When you go there, French music fills the streets, you can see artists everywhere and elegant coffee shops invite you in for a small break, while you can watch cute couples passing by. What’s not to love about this place? This is why you need a manicure and the most elegant and romantic nails at the same time.

Where are going on your holidays? Will you have some cute Nail Art inspired by your destination? By the way, if you love traveling you might want to see this post, as well: 6 Destinations Around the World that will Naturally Improve your Beauty

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