Bridal Trial Makeup

Are you the lucky bride?! Congratulations! I wish you not only to have the best day of your life, but a long lasting and happy marriage! A lot of girls, who are getting married, think that trial makeup is something that they can skip, to save some little money. I just did another bridal trial makeup and once again realized the importance of it. Here are some great reasons, why you should do a bridal trial makeup: It will boost up your confidence on the most important day of your life, because you will be sure you look your very best You can actually talk through with your makeup artist what you want. If you don’t have the trial you will just have to go with what the makeup artist thinks is t

Summer, don't leave us, just yet!

Summer is almost gone, but just before that, you should have some little taste of summer on your nails. With gelish nail polish or gel polish the desired design will last up to two weeks, which means two weeks of beautiful nails and no worries about them at all! Best thing about gel polish, that it works like gel, but is actually much better, because does no harm to your natural nails! Choose brave/ bright colors: Or do something really cute and girly: Go for a beautiful animal print: Many more designs to choose from, so this is the right moment to book your appointment: 07704300636, Norwich city center, Norfolk, UK.

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