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Norwich Top 1 Hen-Do Party Idea

Are you the Maid of Honour, who has the honour of planning a Hens Do Party? Maybe you are stuck because all the ideas you have in mind aren’t quite as perfect or are too expensive? You can smile now and be happy, because I will give you a fun idea for your Hens Party that is not too expensive and can be done either at your chosen place or even in the park!

This Bride-To-Be is getting married in August and her Maid of Honour was very creative and thought of different activities throughout the day to make this day as special as possible. And I think if you have a special friend who is getting married, you have to do your very best to make her feel loved and appreciated, right?

What is the Norwich Top 1 Hen Do party activity?

Probably by now you really want to know, what is the activity I am talking about?!

It is a Lipstick party! Yes, this specific Hens Do Party hired me to do a Makeup Lesson: How to Apply Lipstick like a Pro?! It was a one hour activity and we did it in the park. We had lovely weather, but we were ready for worse, as well.

Highlights of the Party:

Obviously you will learn How to apply lipstick like a pro

You will be able of play around with a big variety of lipsticks and other lip related products

You will find out many interesting facts about Kissing and Lipsticks

You will find out latest lipstick trends

You will get to know some top secrets how to treat your husband for a longer marriage

The Bride-To-Be gets a special gift

Why this is the Top 1 Hens Do Party activity in Norwich?

The knowledge level about makeup may vary per each person, but here everyone can learn new things

You can have your makeup done before, just in case you are going out later

You will get a lot of beauty industry tips and tricks that YouTube doesn’t teach you

It is a fun way to bond closer with your friends; you will share great memories together and you can get some really good photos and/or selfies

You can always choose another topic, (if you need another topic idea, please contact me, I can give you some great options to choose from!)

All the girls were really happy about this lipstick party. They said they learned a lot and before the lesson they had a lot of unanswered questions about different products. I think most of people have some questions in regards of makeup and even if you think you know a lot, there is always something new to learn.

This is what one of the girls wrote to me one week after the party:

First time in my life i wear lipstick nearly everyday and feel very confident about it. Thanks for that!

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