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3 Signs You Are Ready for a Makeup Lesson

Wanpen had to go to hers son’s graduation. It was an important event and she knew that she has to wear makeup for this day, to look more elegant and to look her very best.

As the event was early in the morning and also in a different city, she had to weak up too early to use a makeup artist, this is when she decided to do some makeup lessons.

She checked different possibilities and she chose to come to me. I am really happy for that, because during this time together, we had a lot of interesting discussions and she is a lovely and a fascinating woman. Obviously, it was also fun to teach her new things and actually I learned some new things from her, too! I believe that you always have to have an open mind and try to learn new things every day!

Makeup look achieved in 5 makeup lessons

Here are the 3 signs to look out for:

  1. You know that there are a lot of makeup products, but you don’t really know how to use them all

  2. You get quite frustrated when doing makeup, because something just isn’t right

  3. You want to learn and improve some skills

If you agree to one, two all or three of the signs mentioned above, you must be ready for a makeup lesson!

Wanpen wanted to learn how to do her face makeup for a photo, because at graduations there are always a lot of photos being taken.

How and what we did:

  1. We went through her makeup bag, to see what products she can use and maybe what products to avoid (at least for this look and event)

  2. I showed her, which brushes are an absolute necessity and what brushes are not that important to buy

  3. I explained her the most important things how to wear makeup for photos – how to get rid of shininess and how to make your makeup last all day

  4. I taught her the easiest ways to apply makeup

Sometimes it is not easy to admit that the way you do something is not the correct way. If you think that everything is absolutely right in the way you do your makeup, I truly congratulate you; you do not need a makeup lesson.

But if you are ready, then contact me here and I will be happy to help!

Wanpen did 5 makeup lessons and this is what she said after the last one: ‘Now I know where and how to use the makeup products, before I was just guessing… and now I can do my makeup more often, because I feel more confident.’

Impressive change before and after makeup look achieved in 5 makeup lessons

I think this looks really good and she is ready for her son’s graduation! Well done Wanpen, I am proud of you!

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