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Brushes you MUST Have For a Professional Eye Makeup Look

OK, today I want to share some great tips that are essential if you want to do an eye makeup like professionals do. The entire secret is – you need just 3 brushes to do that! I know, makeup artists use a lot more – let them, but you can still create a perfect look just with these 3 brushes:


1. Eyeshadow brush – Use this for applying the eyeshadow on the lid

2. Pencil brush – Use it to define your crease area and to apply eyeshadows under your lower lash line

3. Blending brush – The name gives you a hint, where to use it; this is the best blending brush for your crease area, brow bow area and you can always go over any other area you need to blend out

I hope this little brush guide will help you not to get lost in the great world of brushes :)!

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