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Light Pink Eye Makeup Tutorial

It is time for another eye makeup tutorial. Today I want to show you a makeup, that is cute, makes you look fresh and younger – light pink eye makeup. Yes, light pink is baby color that will give you refreshing look. BUT there is a big BUT – unfortunately you have to find the right pink color for your eyes, because if you don’t, you will just look sick!

Here is how you do it, just follow these 5 easy steps:


1. Cover your eyelid with a white eye pencil

2. Add the right light pink eyeshadow

3. Choose a light brown eyeshadow and blend it in your crease area, together with the pink

4. Line your eyes with eye liner

5. Use mascara and false eyelashes (optional)

Some more useful things to know when wearing light pink in our eyes:

  • Use light pink lipstick or just a add some lip gloss to your lips

  • If you have an red blemishes in your skin – get rid of them with foundation and concealer

  • Do not do bright fuschia lips

  • Do not use bronzer

You are just 5 easy steps away from a new and younger look!

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