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How to Use Gold in Makeup?!

Today it’s time for another eye tutorial. Most of you probably have some gold eye shadows at home, but it seems a color not so easy to incorporate in your makeup look. I have done a great Step by Step Eye Makeup Tutorial, which will play with rather untraditional colors, but I think the result is something you will love! It is both - romantic and different!

Follow these 5 easy steps to create the look:


1. Cover your eyelid with primer. Get a really light lilac color and blend it into your crease area.

2. Get a darker plum purple to define your crease.

3. Press on gold eye shadow on your eyelid. Blend together with purple eye shadows.

4. With a pencil brush apply the first lilac eye shadow under your lower lash line. On top of this apply the other purple color and connect it to the top shadows. Apply a light matte eye shadow on your brow bone.

5. Apply mascara. I didn’t wear any eyeliner or false lashes for this look, I wanted to have a more natural, yet romantic look, but you could still do it!

I hope you have a great day or night, when wearing this eye makeup!

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