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How to Clean Your Makeup Bag

Today I want to share with you a very simple, yet effective way for cleaning your makeup bag. First I want to explain myself, that if you have a washable makeup bag - then just wash itJ! However, if you are not sure if your makeup bag can be washed or it is quite big in size, or it could be leather or any other reason, then this is when it gets tricky.

I am not telling you, you have to do it every day, but once in a while it would be good to clean it.

So this is my way of doing it:

  • Remove all your makeup out of the dirty makeup bag

  • Take makeup removal cleansing wipes. If you don’t have them or you have some that are quite expensive, get some that are really cheap.

  • Clean the inside and outside with the wipe. If there is some foundation, it might be harder to clean, but give it a good rub, after a while you should be able to get rid of all or most of the stains. Even if something is still dirty, it will still be much better than before!

  • If you happen to have disinfectant wipes, go ahead and wipe everything with that, as well, to get rid of all the bacteria that like to live everywhere.

  • When it is all dry enjoy your clean makeup bag and put back your makeup. Before putting everything back, give a clean to all you products from outside, as well!

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