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The Girl with the Big Eyes!

This was a “Before and After” project together with my model Marlene. When she came to me – she said straight away – “I want Big eyes!”

If it’s an evening makeup look, for a big eye effect, the best is to do smoky eyes; this will open your eyes the most. As I knew that she doesn’t wear a lot of makeup every day, I did just half smoky eye, so she wouldn’t have too dark eyes. I also used some false lashes, but just in the very outer corners of her eyes, so she would still feel comfortable with her makeup and her new look!

Here are some good tips to remember when doing smoky eyes - your skin should be nice and even and your lips shouldn’t be too dark. But hey, if you feel like doing dark lips, just go for it!

Here you can see the Before and After shot:

See other Before and After photos here!

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